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A Guide to Dryer Issues and Repairs

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It's important to act as soon as you notice problems when it comes to all your household appliances. However, this article is going to focus on your residential dryer. It will go over some things that can cause damage, signs of repair issues you may face, and reasons why having the appliance repair technician come out right away is critical. 

Some things that can cause damage to your dryer

Crowding your dryer - You should leave room between your dryer and the wall, as well as a small amount of space between your washer and dryer. The space you leave between the dryer and the wall is so there is proper room for your hoses and ventilation. The space between the washer and dryer allows them to run without rubbing. If you don't allow enough room, the dryer can sustain damage. 

Overloading the drum - You don't want to put loads that are too heavy in the dryer. When you overload the dryer, it can cause strain on the drum belts and other parts. Also, it can cause the motor to overheat and this can lead to damages that need to be repaired. 

Setting the dryer on uneven ground - Putting your dryer on uneven ground can cause premature repair issues. When the dryer runs on uneven ground like this, it can cause the important parts of the dryer to end up wearing much sooner than they should. 

Some signs of dryer issues that may need repairing

Some signs that your dryer is having issues that may need to be repaired can be more subtle than others. Sometimes, the signs are as simple as a new noise that you haven't heard before. This can indicate there's something going on, like a worn belt or a loose part. In other cases, the signs of repair issues can be more obvious. Some of these can include the dryer drum not turning, loud and alarming sounds, the dryer not turning on, or the dryer not heating when the heat is turned on. Any issues that arise should be checked out by a repair technician promptly. 

Why prompt repairs are critical

As soon as you feel your dryer is in need of repairs, you want to call someone out immediately. Neglecting necessary repairs can lead to higher utility bills, more serious and expensive repair issues, and even an increased fire risk. Reach out to a residential dryer repair service to learn more.