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Appliance Repair Services: 4 Things That May Cause Your AC Compressor To Fail

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The compressor plays a crucial role in the effective operation of the cooling unit. Without a functional compressor, the entire system won't operate effectively. Because of that, it's paramount to pay attention to this component. That means timely repairs when problems emerge and frequent inspections by your AC appliance repair expert. This guide shares four reasons the compressor can break down and how professionals fix them. 

The System Has Undetected Electrical Issues 

Internal electrical problems in your AC can cause great damage to vital components. In most cases, these issues result in the buildup of acids in the system. If not addressed in time, these acids may eventually damage the compressor, among other components. Therefore, if you suspect that your AC is experiencing electrical hitches, it's best to call an appliance repair technician immediately to protect the compressor from damage. 

The Evaporator Coils Are Dirty

Over time, there will be a buildup of dirt and dust on your evaporator coil. In this state, your unit will have to work harder to expulse heat effectively. Eventually, this can cause the compressor to overheat, causing it to malfunction. If your compressor is running longer than usual, call an AC appliance repair technician to clear dirt in the evaporator coils.

The Unit Is Running Low On Freon

When your air conditioner doesn't have sufficient Freon charge, your home won't achieve sufficient cooling. It shows that the system isn't utilizing the refrigerant to serve its cooling purpose. A leak in the system is the biggest culprit for low Freon. 

Low Freon levels force your compressor to work harder to push the refrigerant around the system. Over time, your compressor will overheat and fail. If you suspect that you may have a refrigerant leak, call your appliance technician to perform repairs, as exposure may lead to serious health complications.

The Suction Line Is the Wrong Size

If the system's suction line isn't of the right size, it will cause the compressor to malfunction. This can happen if an untrained person recently worked on the repairs. To prevent total failure of your compressor, call an experienced appliance repair professional to replace the suction line.

Ensure that issues arising in the AC compressor are resolved quickly when you notice signs of failure. Unlike other parts of your AC, replacing the compressor can be expensive. Your AC appliance repair technician will use various diagnostic tools to unearth the problem and offer a suitable solution to resolve it.