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Signs You Need An Appliance Repair Service

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Whether you own a house or simply rent, having kitchen appliances that work smoothly and reliably is a must. When they go bad, appliances can really disrupt your daily life.

Here are some top signs that you need an appliance repair service.

1. The dishwasher is leaking

A dishwasher leak is serious business. In some cases, the fix will be simple, such as replacing a faulty door seal. But in other cases, the dishwasher could be leaking from a drain line or supply line that needs replacement. Or, if it's an older model, the dishwasher could even be leaking from a rusted-through component in the bottom.

2. Your refrigerator is running (constantly)

Like an AC unit, a refrigerator uses a heat pump to reject heat and keep its climate-controlled area chilly. And like an AC unit, the refrigerator may start running constantly if it's having trouble doing its job. Constant running could be caused by a problem with the defrost heater, the defrost thermostat, or even the condenser coils.

3. The oven has forgotten it's in a no-smoking zone

Sometimes a burning smell could just mean that you left something in the oven too long or your roasting turkey dripped a little fat to the bottom of the oven. But if actual smoke comes from the oven or stove, or if you notice a burning smell when the oven is heating up, you could have a problem such as a loose electrical connection.

The same goes for any of your other appliances. Sparking, smoking, or burning smells are all signs of malfunctions. And since these signs tend to mean a serious electrical malfunction and potentially an electrical hazard, you shouldn't try to fix it on your own. Instead, turn off the electricity to that area (from the electrical box) until a repair person arrives.

4. Your appliances keep blowing their fuses

An appliance with an electrical problem may trip the circuit or fuse in your breaker or fuse box. So if you have to constantly keep resetting the kitchen circuit, that could indicate a problem. But appliances such as microwaves and electrical ovens often have internal fuses as well. If the appliance won't turn on, this could mean it's blown a fuse and needs to be repaired by a professional appliance repair contractor.

5. Your kitchen sounds haunted

While ghosts are unlikely to set up shop in your appliances, it may sometimes sound like they have. If one of your appliances is making a grinding, gurgling, or buzzing sound that it doesn't make normally, take that as a sign that it needs to be checked out by a professional.

These signs can help you detect when you need professional help with your appliances. If you're renting your home, contact your landlord or property manager first. If you're a homeowner, you can simply call an appliance repair company directly.