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Dealing With A Refrigerator With A Leaking Problem

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If you noticed your refrigerator is regularly leaving puddles of water on the floor or if water is dripping in the unit itself, you will want to take the necessary steps to stop it from occurring. Water leaking from a refrigerator may be a problem you can eliminate on your own by looking at specific areas of the unit for potential trouble spots. Here are some tips you can use in an attempt to stop a water leak altogether.

Check The Drip Pan For Wear

Underneath your refrigerator is a water collection pan to contain any condensation so it does not become distributed across your floor. This pan is usually kept inside a tray along the bottom of your unit. Pull this tray forward and check that the entire enclosure is free of any cracks or holes which would let moisture escape from the area. Remove the pan from the tray and inspect it for any wear as well. Fill in any voids within the pan and the tray with a waterproof caulk agent. If the pan is worn excessively, purchase a new one from an appliance repair service.

Look For Trapped Ice Chunks

If you have a freezer on the top portion of your refrigerator unit, and you noticed water dripping into the bottom portion, there is a good chance the condensate line is full of frozen water. This line runs from the freezer to the drip pan under your unit. If ice blocks the passageway, water will spill out and make its way into the unit itself.

Turn off the refrigerator and allow the freezer to thaw for a few hours. Move your chilled products to coolers during this process. The ice will melt, allowing the water to run freely through the line once again. To speed the process, heat the beginning of the line with a hair dryer for several minutes. This line can be found on the floor or back wall of the freezer.

Test Doors For Proper Sealing

If your refrigerator or freezer door is not closing properly, heat will get into the unit and cause water to accumulate as condensate forms. Check that your doors seal properly when they are closed. If the gasket appears worn along one of the interior doors, it will need to be replaced. Place a piece of paper between the gasket and the refrigerator door to see if it is held into place rather than falling to the ground. Repeat the test with the freezer door. If there is resistance when pulling on the paper, the gasket is working properly.

For more information and assistance in repairing a leak, talk with a professional appliance repair service, such as Complete service US.