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3 Common Refrigerator Problems

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The refrigerator and freezer are an important part of any kitchen, so it can be frustrating when they are not working properly. A malfunctioning refrigerator can make your electric bill more expensive since the fridge may be running more than it should, and it can also cost your money if your groceries spoil because they are not kept at the right temperature. Luckily, a refrigerator problem does not automatically mean that you have to go out and buy a new one; there are several things that you can do to fix an issue, and an appliance repair professional can troubleshoot many refrigerator problems. Some of the most common refrigerator problems include:

Refrigerator Isn't Cold Enough

If you notice that you're fridge is not staying cold even though the thermostat is set correctly, try cleaning the condenser coils. Dust and debris can build up on these coils, preventing them from working properly, which can cause temperature problems. All you have to do is unplug the unit, and use a coil cleaning bush or duster to clean the coils. If cleaning the coils doesn't do the trick, check the door seal to see if it is in good condition--if the door no longer seals properly, it is easy for warm air to get inside and mess up the air temperature. A replacement door seal can be purchased and easily installed. 

If you hear clicking when your fridge is running, there may be a problem with the start capacitor or compressor. In this situation, it is a good idea to contact a refrigerator repairman to examine your refrigerator. In most cases, replacing a start capacitor is somewhat affordable, but repairing a compressor can be quite expensive, so you may be better off just buying a new refrigerator.

Refrigerator is Too Cold

A refrigerator that is too cold can ruin food by freezing it or changing its texture. The air temperature of your fridge is directly influenced by the freezer, so double check your freezer thermostat to ensure that it is set properly. This type of problem can also be caused by a faulty circulating fan blowing too much cold air from the freezer into the refrigerator; this can typically be fixed by having an appliance repairman replace the circulating fan.

Refrigerator is Leaking Water

If you own a refrigerator that dispenses cold water out of one of the doors on the front, it is possible for the refrigerator to leak. This is often caused by broken or damaged dispenser lines that need to be replaced. It it also possible that your drain pan has cracked and allowing water to leak onto the floor. A quick visit from a repairman can typically solve the problem, and there is no need to buy a new refrigerator. 

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