Finding the Right Appliance Service Company

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How To Find A Qualified Appliance Repair Center Or Technician

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It can be very frustrating when an appliance that you use and rely on stops working. Before you toss your appliance in the trash and buy a new one, there are several actions you can take to see if that appliance can be repaired or replaced. 

First, check to see if your appliance is still under warranty. If it is, contact the manufacturer and report that your appliance is no longer working. They will advise you how to submit a claim to have your appliance either repaired or replaced. Many times a manufacturer will send you a new model as soon as you submit your warranty claim as it is often more expensive to repair an appliance than replace an appliance. 

If your appliance is no long under warranty, check the manufacturer's website to see if they have a list of authorized repair service centers. The centers that the manufacturer recommends will be familiar with that particular appliance brand and all of its models. There is a good chance they will know how to repair you appliance. 

Contact the store where you purchased the appliance and ask for a referral to one of their authorized repair service technicians. These techs are often familiar with many different appliances and brands, even those not carried by the store where you purchased the appliance. They may be able to repair your appliance for you. 

Check an online search engine like for appliance repair technicians in your area. Independent repair technicians can be very skilled and knowledgeable and often advertise online to get new customers. Reviews for these technicians and businesses are also easy to find by doing this. This is a great way to see what others are saying about appliance repair centers and technicians in your local area.  

It can also be smart to check classified advertisement websites list products and services available to the public. You can search these websites for appliance repair technicians in your area. Independent repair technicians often advertise their services on these websites because they get a great deal of online traffic. These websites have replaced the classified ads in the back pages of your local newspaper, and can be great resources to find qualified repair technicians in your area. 

When an appliance stops working, it may not be defunct. It may just need a knowledgeable repair technician to get it working again. Check the above suggestions to find a qualified appliance repair center or technician in your area. They can save you a lot of time and money. Also remember that different companies will specialize in repairing different appliances. While some businesses might just repair washers and dryers, a business like A Pittsburgh Service Center repairs appliances from stoves to refrigerators to washing machines and more. Save time by looking at the specific services offered by a business instead of just assuming they repair all appliances.