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3 Warning Signs That Something Is Up With Your Dryer

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If this is your first stint with having your own dryer, it can be easy to miss the warning signs that something is going wrong with it. Here are three warning signs that you need to call in an appliance repair professional to fix your dryer. If you pay attention to the warning signs your dryer gives you, you will be able to extend its life by being proactive with maintenance. 

Your Clothes Are Still Wet

If you are running a regular-sized load and your clothes are still wet at the end of a complete drying cycle, that is a good sign that something is wrong with your dryer. 

The lint trap is almost always the first place you should check with something seems wrong with your dryer. When the lint trap is full of lint and other debris, your dryer may not be able to circulate enough air throughout your machine to effectively dry your clothes. Empty out your lint trap and try to dry another load of clothes.

If the second load of clothes still comes out damp after you have cleaned the lint trap, your heating element may have gone out. A certified appliance repair person can easily change out the heating element in your dryer.

Your Dryer Smells Like It Is Burning 

About the only thing you should smell when your dryer is running is the clean smell of clothes combined with the smell of your dryer sheets. If your dryer smells really hot, like something is burning, turn your dryer off immediately.

Once again, a full lint trap may be behind this problem. So, check your lint trap and empty it if necessary. Next, you should check and see if your dryer hose is properly connected to the back of your dryer. If the lint trap is empty and hose is connected properly but your dryer still smells funny, you should turn it off and schedule an appointment with a local appliance repair technician.

Your Dryer Feels Extremely Hot When You Touch It

Even after drying multiple loads of laundry, your dryer should only feel warm to the touch. If your dryer feels hot to the touch, and makes you pull your hand back quickly, something is off with your vent system.

Once again, make sure the hose is connected properly. You should also check outside while your dryer is running and make sure air is coming out of the vent. If those two things check, and your dryer is still getting hot, it is time to schedule an repair appointment.

Pay attention to what your dryer is telling you. If you notice any of the three warning signs listed above, first see if you can fix the problem yourself. If you can't, a quick visit from your local appliance repair technician should solve the problem.