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Don't Let Your Dishwasher Door Drop!

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When you open your dishwasher, does the door slam to its lowest position? If so, it is important that you take a little time and find out what is causing it to do that. Failure to fix this problem could result in broken hinges and require more effort and expense in repairs.


So, what could be causing the door to drop like that? In most cases, the door requires springs to help it lower slowly. If those springs stretch, become disconnected or break, the door does not receive the tension it needs to slowly lower.

Checking the Door

To check the springs, you will first need to disconnect the power to your dishwasher. Although the likelihood of getting shocked during this repair is minimal, you can completely eliminate the chance by turning off the breaker to the lines that power the dishwasher.

Now, to access the springs, you must remove the front lower panel of your dishwasher. In some cases, a few screws will need to be removed before the panel can be opened up. Other dishwashers simply require a little force to get the panel to pop off. There are two types of spring assemblies that could be on your dishwasher – basic hook and spring connections and pulley assemblies.

  • Basic Hook and Spring – This assembly is pretty easy to inspect and repair. The spring is connected to the dishwasher and the hinge using small hooks. Sometimes, the hooks can corrode and break causing the spring system to fail.
  • Pulley Assembly – The pulley assembly uses springs that are connected to cables and run through pulleys before connecting to the door. This type of assembly requires you to inspect the pulleys, springs, cables and connections to find out what is causing the door to drop. All of these elements could corrode or break and require replacement.

So, examine all of the connections, springs, pulleys and hooks for corrosion or breakage. Also, check that the springs have not stretched. Stretched springs do not close entirely, but you may have to remove them from the machine to test them. If, after they are removed, the spring coils don't close entirely, try replacing them with new springs purchased at your local part store.

If you fail to find the issue causing your dishwasher door to drop, contact an appliance repair technician like A OK Appliance Service for help. Taking action when the problem first presents itself will help to avoid the added expense of replacing the hinges and possible problems with the machine working as it should.