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4 Tips For Maintaining A Ductless Air Conditioner

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If you need to cool off a new addition made on your home and don't have the ability to run the existing ductwork to it, a ductless air condition could be the solution to your problems. It can provide the room with a similar comfort level as the rest of the home, all while being simple to install. These units require their own kind of maintenance to keep them running smoothly that you should be aware of. Follow these 4 tips to keep the unit in great condition.

Keep The Outdoor Condenser Clear of Debris

A ductless air conditioner will have a small condenser that is located outside your house. It works by using a fan to cool the unit down by pulling out the heat from the unit and bringing in cool air from underneath it. If the outside condenser is installed near the ground, dirt, debris, and vegetation can get stuck near the condenser's bottom vent. You'll need to make sure that air can pass through the unit by removing these things, or else you run the risk of having the outside condenser overheat.

Make Sure The Condensation Line Drains Properly

It's common for a ductless air conditioner's condenser to be mounted on the side of a home. There will be a condensation line on the compressor that allows water to drain out of the unit. You'll want to make sure that this line is allowing water to drain out of the condenser. It's possible that there could be a slope that is not allowing water to drain out of the tube completely, a kink in the tube, or a blockage at the end of the tube. If condensation freezes in this tube during the winter, it could cause the tube to break.

Change The Air Filter

All air conditioning systems should have a filter that prevents debris and dust from entering the air. A ductless system is no exception, and you should be regularly changing the filter according to the manufacturer's directions. If you ignore the filter, the dust could form a lump that eventually hardens, which blocks the drain in the unit and causes it to leak.

Remove The Remote Batteries During The Winter

A ductless air conditioner uses a remote control instead of a thermostat to operate the unit. Since the remote uses batteries, it is a good idea to remove them during the winter when the air conditioner is not being used. If the alkaline batteries leak acid while the unit is not being used, you may not discover that the remote is ruined until the hot temperatures of summer start up and you use the unit.

If your ductless air conditioner is broken because you've ignored any of these tips, contact a HVAC repair company (like R & R Heating & Cooling of Polk CO Inc) to come to your home and service the unit.